Facility Reservations

Overhead picture of the Aquatic Center

Anniversary parties, weddings, company meetings/retreats, team banquets?  The Aquatic Center offers facility reservations for the upstairs meeting rooms as well as the beach area.  The relaxing environment and scenery make the aquatic center a unique place to hold all sorts of group functions.


How to I make a facility reservation?

1. The first step in requesting use of the beach area is to fill out a Facility Request Form and submit it to the Aquatic Center. 

2. When your request is approved you will receive an email informing you that it has been approved and you are officially on our books. 

3. As your reservation approaches, you receive an email with your contract. It will need to be signed and 50% deposit will need to be paid. The remaining balance may be paid at anytime but must be paid two weeks prior to the start of your event. 

When completing the form, please keep in mind... 

  • We recommend putting alternate dates on your request form to help facilitate approval of your reservation quickly. 
  • Please allow some time for processing. The Aquatic Center can book quickly in the summer time.
  • The name listed as contact #1 on your request form will be our primary contact. This is who we will call/email regarding your reservation and who we will send the contract to. 
  • Set up time begins at the start of your reservation time requested and clean-up must be done and the area vacated by the end time of the reservation. 
  • We cannot give date availability over the phone. Due to the high number of reservation requests we recieve we aks that you turn in your reservation request form before we approve/deny your date.

Unavailable Dates

The following are dates that we DO NOT accept reservation requests. 

2019 Unavailable Dates
February 2
April 26-28
May 3-5
May 10-11
May 18-19
May 25-27
May 31-June 2
June 7
July 4
August 31-September 2
October 25-26