Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need any experience to rent the equipment?

2. Do I always need to wear a life jacket?

3. Are dogs allowed in the boats?

4. Can I fish from the boats?

5. How far am I able to paddle up the lake?

6. What do I need in order to rent the equipment?

7. What equipment do you need to be "checked out" on?

8. What does it mean to be "checked out"?

9. Is there a parking fee for parking in the Aquatic Center lot?

10. Are we allowed to use the beach/picnic tables?

11. How do I sign up for private lesson?

12. How do I sign up for a class/summer camp?

13. If I'm a Sac State Alumni do I get a discount?  If so how much?

14. What should I wear if I'm going kayaking?

15. Do we need to wear a life jacket if we're swimming off the beach?

16. If I have sailing experience do I still need to take a private lesson in order to get "checked out" to rent the boats?

17. How old do you have to be in order to rent the equipment?

18.  Where is the Aquatic Center located?

19. What are the hours the Aquatic Center is open?

20. What kinds of memberships are offered at the Aquatic Center?

21. Can I launch my own kayak from the Aquatic Center?

22. Where are the bathrooms located?

23.  Can the front office hold onto my belongings while I am out on the water?

1. Members of the general public are able to rent the sit-on-top kayaks, hydro bikes, canoes and beach cruiser bicycles without having taken a class or being checked out.  However, rental of a sailboat, windsurf, Stand Up Paddle board or rowing shell requires to be checked out (have taken a class or private lesson.)


2. Yes, while using our equipment we require that a life jacket be worn at all time regardless of age.

3. No dogs are allowed on our facility or on our boats.  However, they are allowed at Nimbus Flat State Park across the way from us.  They must be on improved areas and must be on a leash.


4. Yes, as long as you have a valid fishing license renters are allowed to fish from our boats.  However, fishing is not permitted from our docks or shoreline.


5. The lake is approximately 5-6 miles long.  However, renters are not allowed to go further than Folsom Power House which is next to Rainbow Bridge.


6. Each person 18 and over must have a valid photo I.D. and we require a set of car keys for the deposit for the rental.  We will hold onto these items while you are out on the water.  One set of keys is required per family.


7. The equipment that we require renters to be "checked out" on is the rowing shells, all of the sail boats (Holder 14, Keelboat, Lasers, and Picos), the viking kayak, the river kayaks, surf ski kayaks, windsurfer, and the stand up paddle boards.


8. "Checked Out" means that you have taken a class or private lesson at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center and have been given permission in the form of a checkout card to rent the specified equipment with which you have become experienced.  Only a class or private lesson at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center is valid verification of experience.


9.  The Aquatic Center lot is a State Park fee lot and there is a $10 parking fee for patrons not recieving educational services with the Aquatic Center. If you are recieving educational services please see our front desk or kiosk when you arrive for a day use parking pass.  State Park passes are excepted in the lot.  If you are not doing business with the Aquatic Center and just looking to recreate we ask that you park in the Nimbus Flat State Park due to the limited size of our parking lot.


10. Only if you have a reservation on that part of the facility.


11. If you wish to take a private lesson you will need to fill out a private lesson request form that can be found under each program area on the top menu.  Keep in mind it may take a week or more in order to get the private lesson scheduled.


12. There are four ways that you can sign up for a class or sign your child up for summer camp: i. You can download the Class Registration Form for leisure class or the Summer Camp Registration Form for summer camps, fill it out and fax, mail or drop it off at the front office to be registered.  ii.  You can stop by the front office Monday through Friday to also sign up. iii. You may register over the phone at (196) 278-2842. iv. You may register online by clicking the "Register Online" button located on each class page of our website.


13. Sac State Alumni are able to receive discounts if they pay the Alumni Association dues and have received their Alumni Association membership card.  Show this card to the front office when you check in for your rental and they will give you the discounted "affiliate" rate on rentals or classes.  The Aquatic Center does not have a way to look up Alumni Association members, you must have the valid card.


14. Keep in mind that our sit-on-top kayaks are self bailing.  This means that they always have about an inch of water in them while kayaking, so comfortable clothes that are able to get wet are recommended.  During the warmer months bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.; during colder months bring a long sleeve shirt, jacket, and a change of clothes.


15. If there are children who are 13 or younger it is required by the State of California that they be in a life jacket while swimming off the beach.


16. Yes, all specialized equipment rentals need to be verified by certified instructors from the Aquatic Center regardless of the amount of experience.  This not only goes for sail boat rentals but also for wherry rentals, specialized kayak rentals and Stand Up Paddle rentals.


17. All renters must be 18 or older in to rent the equipment.  If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must sign the rental contract and give a photo I.D. and a set of car keys.


18. The Aquatic Center is located at 1901 Hazel Avenue, Gold River, CA 95670.  We are located on Lake Natoma within close proximity to Highway 50.  Some maps and guides require that you enter Rancho Cordova as the City rather than Gold River.  GPS units may give you the incorrect directions, please see our map and directions to the Aquatic Center.


19.  The Aquatic Centers hours change seasonally.  For a full listing of hour for each month, visit our HOURS page.


20. There are several memberships offered at the Aquatic Center.  The membership's we offer are: General, Rowing, Paddling, Sailing and Green & Gold.  Please visit our MEMBERSHIP page for more information on each membership.


21. No, you may not launch your own kayak or any other craft from the Aquatic Center.  We ask that anyone launching your own equipment please do so from the Nimbus Flat State Park.  If you have your own equipment and have another person who needs to rent a piece of equipment from us, you will still need to launch your craft from the Nimbus Flat State Park and you can meet the person renting from us on the water.


22. The bathrooms are located on the back side of the adminstration building, facing the beach.


23. No, the front office cannot hold onto your belongings (other than the required photo I.D. and set of keys for the rental.)  We do have 50 cent one time use coin lockers located right outside the front office.  Each key has a safety pin that you can attach to yourself while you are out on the water. 

For more information or for answers to all your other questions please contact the Aquatic Center at 916-278-2842 or