CCAP Fall Program

7-8th Grade Rowing Program

Learn to Row! Capital Crew Apprentice Program is geared toward younger, middle school athletes that are looking for unique sport that will challenge and educate them in life and sport.  Our program focuses on the essentials of rowing, both sculling (rowing with two oars per athlete) and sweep rowing (rowing with one oar per athlete.)  The athletes will learn the basics in singles, coxed quads, and eight person boats.  They will also learn valuable skills such as teamwork, fitness conditioning and safety on the water.  Our middle school program is coached by high level coaches who make learning to row easy and fun.  Each 5 week session is designed to build the skill and physical fitness of middle school athletes, maintaining a focus on learning and technical development as a future Capital Crew athlete/rower.

CCAP Fall 2017 Program

Cost: $150.00 per session

 Sign up for a second session and save $50.00

Session Code Start Date End Date Days  Time Day Time
Session#1 CCAP 01 August 7 September 9 Mon & Wed 4:00-6:30pm Saturday 10:30-12:30pm
Session#2 CCAP 02 August 8 September 9 Tues&Thurs 4:00-6:30pm Saturday 10:30-12:30pm
Session#3 CCAP 03 September 11 October 14 Mon & Wed 4:00-6:30pm Saturday 10:30-12:30pm
Session#4 CCAP 04 September 12 October 14 Tues&Thurs 4:00-6:30pm Saturday 10:30-12:30pm
Session#5** CCAP 05** October 21 November 18 Saturday 10:30-12:30pm





*Session #5 is only available to students that have completed one of the earlier sessions