Aquatic Center Hosted Special Events

The Aquatic Center hosts many special events throughout the year and everyone is always welcome to attend.  Some events include rowing, kayaking, sailing and triathlon Races.  There is always something going on at the Aquatic Center, so please check the schedule below to find out the special events that will be happening.

Special Events at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center

2017 Schedule

Date Day Event Location

January 28           


Golden State Indoor Rowing Championships                                              

Boat House            

April 29-30


 Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships (WIRA)

Nimbus Flat

May 5-7

Fri - Sun

 Southwest Junior Rowing Association Championships

Nimbus Flat

May 13


West Coast Conference Championships 

Men's Western Sprints

Pacific Coast Rowing Championships 

Nimbus Flat

May 14


 PAC 12 Rowing Championships

Nimbus Flat

May 20


Gold Rush Regatta

Nimbus Flat

June 2-4


 IRA National Championships

Nimbus Flat

October 28


 Head of the American Regatta

Nimbus Flat

Special Event Helpful Hints at California State Parks

The Sacramento State Aquatic Center is located on an 8 acre piece of land which resides within a State Park. Lake Natoma itself is part of the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area.

Parking Fees: There is a parking fee for entering the State Park.

The entrance fee varies per car and will change according to season.

Car $10.00 per car
Car with boat (+ $10.00) $20.00 per rig
Passenger vehicle (10-24) $50.00 a day
Passenger vehicle (+24) $100.00 a day

Parking fees at Nimbus Flat State Park are controlled by California State Parks and are subject to change.

Parking Options: Additional parking is located at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery. During major special events there will be a shuttle service to alternative parking areas. Please do not park in the neighboring business's parking lots. You may be towed. Please only park in designated parking spots. Violators will be cited and/or towed.

Special Event Admission Fees:Certain rowing events, i.e. PAC 12's, NCAA's and Junior Rowing Championships will require an additional charge per person as well as per vehicle. Admissions vary: $10.00 - $16.00 per day, per person.