Aquatic Center Customer Service Staff

All of the staff is trained in the specific area in which they work. The customer service staff is composed of our front office assistants and dock masters. The front office staff is happy to help you with all of your registration and rental needs.  The dock masters will make sure you have what you need before leaving the docks.  If you would like to join our Customer Service staff visit our employment page.

Meet our Staff

Name Position
heather-wilhelmi-2017.jpg Heather Wilhelmi Operations Manager
TBA Waterfront Supervisor
gio-cortes-hernandez-2017.jpg Gio Cortes-Hernandez Weekend Supervisor
kylie-taylor-2017.jpg Kylie Taylor Operations Assistant
andrew-montoya-2017.jpg Andrew Montoya Dock Master CSR
Amber Hart Front Office CSR
bobby-mello-2017.jpg Bobby Mello Dock Master CSR
Brianna Arrington Dock Master CSR
brooke-coyne-2017.jpg Brooke Coyne Front Office CSR
Bryan Jackson Bryan Jackson Dock Master CSR
chris-hatton-2017.jpg Chris Hatton Dock Master CSR
chrisopher-lamantia-2017.jpg Christopher Lamantia Dock Master CSR
christina-derebenskaya-2017.jpg Christina Derebenskaya Front Office CSR
daniel-lyle-2017.jpg Daniel Lyle Dock Master CSR
danilla-stepek-2017.jpg Daniella Stepek Front Office CSR
danielle-castrence-2017.jpg Danielle Castrence Front Office CSR
donovan-holder-2017.jpg Donovan Holder Dock Master CSR
ethan-lucchesi-2017.jpg Ethan Lucchesi Dock Master CSR
evan-ciucci-2017.jpg Evan Ciucci Dock Master CSR
ivan-sinkevich-2017.jpg Ivan Sinkevich Front Office CSR
jaden-garrett-2017.jpg Jaden Garrett Front Office CSR
jennie-britton-2017.jpg Jennie Britton Front Office CSR
Kealan Hennessey Dock Master CSR
kai-kealoah-2017.jpg Kai Kealoha Dock Master CSR
kelcie-menondoca-2017.jpg Kelcie Mendonca Front Office CSR
laura-baryak-2017.jpg Laura Baryak Dock Master CSR
lexus-perez-2017.jpg Lexus Perez Front Office CSR
madison-pendergraft-2017.jpg Madison Pendergraft Front Office CSR
Mason Matteoni Dock Master CSR
michelle-casias-2017.jpg Michelle Casias Front Office CSR
miranda-joseph-2017.jpg Miranda Joseph Front Office CSR
mitchell-king-2017.jpg Mitchell King Front Office CSR
moe-fitgerald-2017.jpg Moe Fitzgerald Dock Master CSR
pooja-chandra-2017.jpg Pooja Chandra Front Office CSR
ryan-ripperger-2017.jpg Ryan Ripperger Dock Master CSR
ryann-rockwell-2017.jpg Ryann Rockwell Front Office CSR
sean-pinto-2017.jpg Sean Pinto Dock Master CSR
Shad Rasmussen Dock Master CSR
stephanie-beachley-2017.jpg Stephanie Beachley Front Office CSR
summer-scott-2017.jpg Summer Scott Dock Master CSR
sydney-hanzalik-2017.jpg Sydney Hanzalik Dock Master CSR