Team Building - Water Enrichment Training (W.E.T.)

This is the Sacramento State Aquatic Center version of team building on the water.  This fun three hour team building activity can be used for school field trips, youth groups, family reunions, or competitive teams.  We have a menu of selected activities from which to choose.  This is a fun way to work on communication and team building skills while overcoming personal challenges and having a great time on the water. Life jackets and all equipment are included.  The first step in setting up your Team Buildling is to fill out the Request for Team Building WET and also the W.E.T. Program Goals and Expectation.



Cost per participant:

1 hour $25.00
2 hour $30.00
3 hour $35.00
4 hour $40.00


Sample of the W.E.T. Activities

Helium Hula Hoop

Hula-Hoop-3 Hula-Hoop-2

Land Skis

Land-Skis Land-Skis-2

Team Hydro Bike Races/Relays

Team-Hydro-Bike-Races-Relay Team-Hydro-Bikes-Races-Relays-1

Team Hydro Bike

Team-Hydro-Bike-1 Team-Hydro-Bike

Wiggle Races/Relays

Wiggle-Races Wiggle-Races-2

Kayak Races/Relays

Kayaking-Races-Relays-2 Kayaking-Races-Relays-4

Blind Folded Kayaking

Blind-Folding-Kayaking-2 Blind-Folding-Kayaking-4

Lily Pads

Lily-Pads Ice-berg-2

Canoe Challenge

Canoe-Challenge Canoe-Challenge-2

Team Obstacle Course

Team-Obstacle-Course Team-Obstacle-Course-1

Team Tug-a-War

Tug-a-War-1 Tug-A-War

Tension Traverse

Tension-Traverse Tension-Traverse-1

Build a Raft

Build-a-Raft-1 Build-a-Raft


What do we need to bring to be prepared?

Swim Suit or Board shorts

Beach towel

Bottle drinking water

Sun block

Sack lunch

Dry set of clothes

Water shoes with heel straps (bare feet not permitted)

The Aquatic Center will provide:

Life jackets for all participants (if participants have their own life jackets or wet suits they are more than welcome to bring them)

Boating safety instructors

Boating activities and challenges may include any of the following:

Canoeing, Kayaking, Swimming, Paddle Boards, Rowing, and land based Activities

Note of Comfort to all Participants:

Challenges can be challenge by choice but we encourage all to participate.

Everyone is required to wear a PFD(personal floatation device) at all times when on the water, in the boats or on our docks.

To schedule your Team Building WET day please fill out the Request Form as well as the Program Goals and Expectations