Youth Group Field Trips

Kids on docks

The Aquatic Center offers youth programs to any and all other types of groups that would like to recieve personal instruction in a variety of boating activites. A special use agreement can be arranged to suit the individual needs of groups who would like to plan a special activity at our facility. To make your reservation you will need to first fill out our Youth Group Field Trip Request form, this is the first step in bringing your group to the Aquatic Center. Please do not call for date information until you have turned in your Youth Group Request Form.

Sample of an Aquatic Center Youth Group Field Trip Day

Meet & Greet

-Welcome with safety talk, recieve rules/expectations/daily activites/meet the staff.
-Get "water ready" (heal strap water shoes, bathing suit bottoms, tops, no cotton, sunscreen, hats, glasses, etc)

Boating Safety Instruction

-Fitting lifejackets
-swim test between docks to show comfort in the water
-Boating Education

Activity (timing will depend on the number of children and time that the group arrives & needs to depart)
Boating Adventure exmaples

--Kayak Paddle Trip
--Canoe Paddle Trip
--Sail Boats rides
--Windsurfing or paddle boarding
--Hydro biking


# of hours Per Participant with 1 W.E.T. course* rotation add $10.00
2 hours $20.00 $30.00
3 hours $25.00 $35.00
4 hours $30.00 $40.00
5 hours $35.00 $45.00
6 hours $40.00 $50.00

*W.E.T. (Water Enrichment Training) Course Rotations are for our challenge course which may be 1 rotation of the following:
Lily Pads, tension traverse, Jacobs ladder, splash mat and inflatable slide.